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Information for System Users

Welcome to the online portal of cariology and operative dentistry, Tokyo Medical and Dental University. This portal includes devices and resources management scheduler and a publication auto archiving system for our laboratories. Registration and use of this system is limited to the members of the department and external users with permission from a faculty member.

Please note that
1- First-time users need to be approved by the admin before they can use the reservation system.
2- If you prefer to connect your third party provider (google, facebook, etc.) account, please note that the email you register with the system must match the one on your profile on the third-party provider.
3- As of Oct 1, 2011 all laboratory devices are managed under this system, reservation is mandatory for all users of the lab.
4-Currently the following devices are listed or will be listed shortly in the reservation page; Isomets, Instrons, Microscopes (Laser, SEM, OCT, AFM, etc), Thermal Aging,  Nanoindenter and Specimen Processing (Polishing, Sputtering, etc).

For any questions please contact the administrators by email admin at tmdu dot net