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Electronically available past PhD Dissertations

1998Patricia Nobrega Rodrigues PereiraGlass Ionomer Restoratives: Concepts on Secondary Caries Inhibition and Adhesion8.0 MiB
2002Richard Mark FoxtonAdhesion of dual-cure resin cement to ceramic: Action of ceramic primers1.9 MiB
2003Miwako OgataClinical Factors Influencing Dentin Bonding3.6 MiB
2007Alireza SadrSelf-etching Adhesive Systems: Factors Predicting Clinical Success3.8 MiB
2009Ahmed Samir BakryEr:YAG Laser in Operative Dentistry: Keys for successful treatment1.2 MiB
2009Shuzo KitayamaThe application of new adhesive systems to orthodontics and ceramic restorations2.0 MiB
2010Patricia MakishiDetection of Interfacial Defects in Adhesive Restorations2.0 MiB
2012Hamid NurrohmanNew concept of resin-dentin interfacial adhesion mechanisms: the protected layer4.2 MiB
2012Ilnaz HaririMorphological Assessment and Optical Characterization of Dental Hard Tissue after De- and Remineralization5.0 MiB
2013Turki BakhshThe Role of Novel Biophotonic Technique in Characterization of the Newly Developed Nanotechnology-based Dental Composites4.9 MiB
2014Mona MandurahOptical and Mechanical Characterization of Dental Hard Tissue2.4 MiB
2014Md. Sofiqul Islam Sohel The Use of Natural Plant Extracts to Enhance Caries Prevention and to Improve the Performance of Dental Adhesives 3.5 MiB
2014Gerardo José Joves MéndezSimulation of Natural Caries-affected Dentin using an Artificial Caries Model for in vitro Studies864.6 KiB
2015Mohannad Issa Michael NassarOvercoming the Adverse Effects Related to the Use of Smear Layer Removal Agents: Phosphoric Acid as Etchant and EDTA as Chelating Agent3.7 MiB
2015Ehab Zaki AlsayedOptical and Nano-Hardness Evaluation of Resin Coated Enamel and Adjacent Area2.7 MiB
2015Syozi Nakashima歯磨剤のはなし -特にフッ化物配合歯磨剤-1.1 MiB